Thanksgiving Outreach


Can we minister to you or someone you know?

We are preparing 100 food boxes for members of our church and community. These families will receive most everything needed to provide a Thanksgiving meal, including a turkey or ham.

If YOU could use a little extra food assistance this Thanksgiving would you allow us to share with you? (If you received a basket last year and are still in need of assistance please call to resubmit your name.)
Are you aware of a person/family in the church who is struggling right now and would appreciate help in their time of need?

Is there someone you know who is going through a tough time and you would like to minister to them?

Please, by Wednesday, November 3rd, contact Jim Fields (606-836-2353) or Brett Nance (606-615-4696) if you have information to share.

The people of our church have always given generously to this ministry.
We ask that you will begin to pray now for what God will have you do for others this holiday season.