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Current Lesson Series in Adult Bible Fellowship:

Owning a Faith that Matters

Synopsis: The writer of this unit of study says: “We measure lots of things these days. My watch measures my steps, the odometer measures my miles, and my 401k measures my income from investments. But when it comes to faith, can we
really measure it? That’s tricky but important, wouldn’t you say? Jesus said we only need the faith the size of a mustard seed. I’m not a mustard farmer, but that’s a small seed. But if we have it, we can move mountains. We all need a little mountain moving in our lives when we think about the growing darkness in our world. Faith is important to Jesus. We hear His voice throughout the Gospels, challenging His disciples with a strong, determined voice to have faith. He asked Peter, “Where is your faith?” (Luke 8:25). When the disciples lost their courage in a storm, He called them: “You of little faith” (Matthew 8:26). It wasn’t one of their brightest moments. Jesus wants us to have faith, but not shallow faith that’s a mile wide and an inch deep. Throughout the Gospel of Luke, we’ll discover that God wants us to have deep faith.

This study correlates with the fourth letter in our yearlong ORIGINAL study which is G. According to God’s Design, which is the ORIGINAL, we are challenged to Gauge a Life of Faith.

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