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Current Lesson Series in Adult Bible Fellowship:

My Encounter with Jesus

Synopsis: The writer of this unit of study says: “We are living in an epidemic of loneliness and isolation. A recent study by Harvard revealed that 36% of Americans experience a serious level of loneliness. That sense of loneliness and isolation is greater in some groups, like young adults and mothers with small children.

Relationships and connection matter. We need those encounters in order to thrive. Throughout this study we are going to see what happens when people encounter Jesus in their moment of need. He reached out to a woman alone at a well, healed a man born blind, showed compassion to a woman caught in sin, and willingly died on a cross and was raised from the dead to meet our greatest need. Jesus was always meeting and transforming people just when they needed Him most. If you have ever needed Jesus to meet you, then this study is for you. If you have ever needed your life transformed, then there is a message for you in these texts. However, be prepared. Jesus often asked those He encountered difficult questions. He often caused them to reflect and think about their lives, their sin, and their future. He was even known to ask them to do difficult things, but this is how transformation works. Transformation happens as we encounter Jesus.”

This study correlates with the fifth letter in our yearlong FAITHFUL study which is H: An evidence of a FAITHFUL life lived for God is Happily Sharing your Encounter with Jesus.

Here's a quick video summary of the current lesson series:  VIDEO LINK

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