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Current Lesson Series in Adult Bible Fellowship:

Irrefutable: Prophecies that Point Us to Jesus

Synopsis:  The writer of this unit of study says: “The world is constantly searching for answers to the purpose and meaning of life. When people hope in the things of this world, they are left with broken promises and unmet expectations. The world needs a hope that is irrefutable. When something is irrefutable it is impossible to prove it wrong. It cannot be denied, and it can be completely trusted. Jesus is that hope. He is irrefutable. Each Christmas, we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of years before He was born of the virgin Mary, God revealed through His prophets that Jesus would come, live, and pay the price for our salvation. These prophecies, along with the fulfillment of these prophecies, point to Jesus as the irrefutable Lord and Savior of the world.”

This study correlates with the second letter in our yearlong ETERNITY study which is E: To live daily in light of ETERNITY, we must Embrace the Divinity and Humanity of Jesus.

Here's a quick video summary of the current lesson series: VIDEO LINK

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