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Current Lesson Series in Adult Bible Fellowship:

James: Living Out Your Faith

Synopsis: The writer of this unit of study says: “What’s more important: The wedding or the marriage that follows? We surely would agree the marriage is more important, but it’s often a challenge in premarital counseling to get the couple to shift their attention from their wedding ceremony and focus on preparing for their life together in marriage. After all, the wedding date is fast approaching, and they want the perfect wedding. But it is possible to have a magnificent wedding and still have a failed marriage. To have a lasting marriage the couple will need to do more than celebrate their love; they will have to live out their love. Let’s switch the picture to our faith. A lot of people celebrate the fact that they believe in Jesus and have followed that will baptism. But we must do more than express our faith; we must live our faith. For a couple to say they’re in love, they must do more than state it publicly at a wedding. It needs to be evident in how they live their lives. Our faith in Christ is the same; faith is seen in how we live. But what does it look like to live a life of faith? In the book that bears his name, James challenges us to see how we can live out our faith in hard times, in our relationships, our actions, and our conversations. He shows us how to live out our faith when facing the enemy and in setting our priorities. Knowing what you believe is one thing. Living it is greater. Welcome to the journey.”

This study correlates with the first letter in our yearlong FAITHFUL study which is F: An evidence of a FAITHFUL life lived for God is a Faith on Display.

Here's a quick video summary of the current lesson series:  VIDEO LINK

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