Within the pages of this website, you will be exposed to many of the ministries we have here at FBC Russell to take a part in. This is not a complete list. Our members are involved in many ministries you will never hear about. I have often thought, when we get to heaven and Jesus reveals to us many of the things He did through people around us, we will be surprised. Here are some of the ways Jesus is working through our family. You will be amazed at the wide variety of ministries you will find. Maybe one of these ministries will speak to you and you too can put your hand to the plow and help. Or, maybe you will find that one of these ministries could benefit a need you have in your life. Take some time with these pages. Pray over these ministries and let God work through you for His service.


Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship 2021

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Men's Ministry

Youth to College Ministry

Children's Ministry

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Celebrate Recovery

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