Security Procedures for Preschool
FBCR Preschool Security
Preschool security is of utmost importance to us at FBCR. Come to the Check-In Zone desk in the Building for the Generations to fill out your child's preschool security label. Feel free to speak with the preschool security team members for help on how to complete the Security Label.
The Security Label is shown below. The entire label is peelable. The larger label is peeled off and attached to your child’s back so they do not remove it, and the label that says, "This bag belongs to" is attached to their backpack or diaper bag, if applicable. The part of the label that says, "Jesus Loves Children" is kept by the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will bring the "Jesus Loves Children" part of the label to receive their child after class. If your child has allergies of any kind please ask a preschool secuirty team member at the Check-In Zone desk to give you a red dot sticker. Be sure to place the dot red sticker on your child's security tag to notify the teachers of your child's allergy. The Security Label is the source for matching you to your child keeping our preschoolers at FBCR safe.
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