Ministries and Missions

Baptismal Ministry

Can you remember when you were baptized? Weren’t you a little nervous? The men and women on the Baptismal Ministry not only assist baptismal candidates with robe fitting, they also encourage and pray with them—to calm their last minute jitters. They also assist the pastor in getting ready for baptism. Afterwards, they make sure the robes and towels are laundered and returned to the appropriate rooms. If this ministry sounds appealing to you, the Baptismal Ministry would be glad to welcome you aboard.


Bereavement Ministry

On the day of a loved one’s funeral, the last thing you want to think about is, “What am I going to cook for dinner tonight?” On behalf of the church family, the Bereavement Ministry extends sympathy to the immediate family of the deceased church member, by providing dinner for them. The immediate family would be considered the spouse and children of the deceased member, or the parents of a deceased minor child who is a member. If other needs are expressed to the Pastor, the ministry addresses these as well. If this ministry has ever ministered to you, you know what a blessing it is! If you do not work outside the home, or if your job would allow you to serve grieving families in the name of Jesus, please contact the church office.


Blood Drives

You might not think of blood drives as a ministry, but they are! By giving blood, you can help those who cannot help themselves. Even if you are unable to donate blood, you can help with the blood drives, which are held at FBCR about three times a year. Keep reading the church bulletin for the date and time of the next blood drive. Blood is a “life-giving flow” as it says in the old hymn “Power in the Blood,” so in Jesus’ name, take time to give to those in need.


Building Decoration Ministry

When you arrive at church on any given Sunday, you will see seasonal floral and plant arrangements on doors, tables, and walls throughout the building. This is the work of the Building Decoration Ministry. They decide where to place arrangements to enhance the beauty of the Lord’s House and create an atmosphere of worship. It is also their job to clean and properly store these arrangements. They are given a yearly budget to purchase new arrangements as needed, but they do accept donated arrangements as well. If you have a knack for decorating, this ministry will gladly put your creative mind and hands to work.


Building Maintenance Ministry

If you have tools and you know how to use them, the Building Maintenance Ministry needs you! They take care of the buildings from the floor to the roof (including the plumbing, electrical, air and heating systems, fire extinguishers, and security alarms). If they can not do the work themselves, they bid the job out to qualified personnel. If you’re interested in helping maintain the buildings for the glory of God, this ministry can put you to work.


Chaplain Ministry

No one looks forward to a stay in the hospital, but it sure is nice to get a visit from someone when you are there. In the hope of brightening the days of patients (as well as their relatives and friends), a chaplain shares the light of Jesus by visiting and praying with them during their stay at the hospital. Hospitals have a chaplain available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Although God may not have called you to be a chaplain, you can make visits, and send cards or flowers to people you know who are in the hospital. Jesus expects his disciples to visit the sick (Matthew 25:35-40), are you doing your part?


Fellowship Ministry

Everyone loves to attend church-wide fellowships like the annual Summer Picnic at Greenbo Lake State Park, and the receptions following the Pounding Service or Christmas Cantata. It’s the members of the Fellowship Ministry that plan the menu for these fellowships. They are in charge of either supplying the food and beverages or organizing others to provide them. They are also in charge of decorating for these events. If you like to plan, organize, and decorate for large-group fellowships, the members of this ministry would be delighted to have your assistance.


Greeters & Welcome Center

We only have one shot at making a good first impression on people visiting FBCR. That’s why the jobs of the Greeters and Welcome Center volunteers are so important. Greeters are stationed at the main entrance before the Sunday morning and evening services. They welcome everyone with a friendly greeting, hand out bulletins, hold the door when your hands are full, and even help with a child as needed. The Welcome Center volunteers serve only before the Sunday morning service. They assist visitors in choosing a Sunday school class, and direct or accompany visitors to the appropriate area. They also provide information about nursery care, and children and student ministries being held at the time. Both the Greeters and Welcome Center volunteers stay at their posts until about 10 minutes after the service starts, so they won’t miss late arrivers, but they still have plenty of time to attend the worship service or Sunday school. If you’re a friendly person, who would like to serve in this ministry, please call the church office and tell one of our friendly receptionists!


Grounds Ministry

The members of the Grounds Ministry oversee the care and maintenance of the lawn, landscaping, and parking lot. They meet quarterly to review and discuss the needs for upkeep and improvements. If you have a green thumb or just like to work outside, this ministry would be glad to have your help.


Hospitality Ministry

Sunday mornings can be hectic, and you may not have time to grab a bite to eat before heading out the door. The Hospitality Ministry has you in mind when they purchase and set out the donuts and coffee every Sunday morning. In the book of John, the Lord tells us to “feed my sheep”. In order to carry out this command in a physical sense each Sunday morning, many willing helpers are needed. On a rotating basis, people need to bring in food or beverages, and help with set-up and clean-up. Let your Bible Fellowship teacher know if you’re willing to help with this ministry. And don’t just use this time to feed your belly, talk to someone you haven’t seen in awhile and invite them to an upcoming activity, or introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Be willing to expand your circle of friends to include new members. Let’s make these few minutes a special time to greet, meet, and eat!


Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief

You may not have ever been in an area effected by a natural disaster, but we’ve all seen pictures of the devastation that they can leave behind. Many have thanked God for the kindness and caring shown by a group of men and women who make up the nationwide ministry known as Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. When they are called into an area, their number one priority is to prepare and serve food and water, which the Red Cross provides. And since they go in the name of Jesus, they are prepared to give people “spiritual food” as well. Disaster relief kits, which contain personal items to last for 3 days, are given out as needed. Their next priority is called “chainsaw and mud-out,” when they provide cleaning supplies and help families clean up their homes. If you would like to be involved in this ministry, the four-hour Disaster Relief training is held at our church from time to time. Check in the church bulletin for times and dates. Keep in mind, people do not care about how much you know, they care about how much you care! If you are unable to go, you can help the Beacons ministry collect items for the disaster relief kits whenever they do so. Jesus said “anything you did for even the least of my people here, you also did for Me” (Matthew 25:40 NCV). Do it for Him!


Kitchen Ministry

If you can take the heat, you can serve in the Kitchen Ministry! This ministry is responsible for the upkeep of the kitchen. They clean and maintain the dishwasher, range, counter tops, and other equipment after church-wide events. They check and maintain the inventory of table coverings, paper products, and other supplies. They also make sure there is an adequate supply of dish clothes and towels. If you know your way around the kitchen, this may be a great place for you to serve.


Lord’s Supper

Did you ever wonder who pours the juice in all those little cups for the Lord’s Supper, and who collects them from the pews? It’s the people involved in the Lord’s Supper Ministry. When the Lord’s Supper is planned, those involved in this ministry prepare everything. They are also responsible for gathering the used cups from the pews, and removing all trays and the tablecloth from the Lord’s Supper table. They empty, wash, and store away all the trays, and throw away all the cups. Tablecloths are kept professionally laundered and ready. They keep ample supplies of juice, bread, and serving trays ready at all times. Jesus commanded His followers to do this “in remembrance of Me” (Luke 22:19), and to continue until He comes (I Corinthians 11:26), so if you would be willing to help in the preparation and cleanup of this important ministry, please contact the church office.


Media Ministry

Can you hear me now? If you can’t, find someone involved in the Media Ministry! They are responsible for the operation of sound equipment and distribution of sound enhancement equipment. They operate the video recorder and the computer for PowerPoint presentations. They make audio and video tapes of all the services and will duplicate as requested. Media technicians must be available one hour prior to Sunday morning and evening services to conduct a sound check with the choir. They also must be available on Wednesday nights to run the sound during choir practices. Contact the church office if you’re interested in helping with the Media Ministry, they are always in need of volunteers.


Missions Ministry

Jesus tells us to, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). In order to focus individual’s attention on missions opportunities locally, regionally, nationally, and around the world, the Missions Ministry sponsors and promotes various events, activities, speakers, and classes throughout the year. Supporting those who are called into part-time and full-time mission work is a major goal of this ministry. They raise money for spring and fall mission offerings by conducting art auctions and silent craft auctions. They sponsor short-term mission trips, and visit local and regional missions. They host visiting missionaries, plan missions’ conferences, and bring in missions’ speakers. They also sort and deliver Thanksgiving food baskets for needy families in our community with the food collected at the FBCR Annual Pounding Service. If you have a heart for reaching those who do not know Christ, consider serving on the Missions Ministry!


Pew Pockets

As you sit in church, you take for granted that you will have some things within your reach. If you bring a visitor, you reach for a visitor’s card and a pencil. If you don’t have an envelope for your offering, you reach for one of those. If you want to see the music as you sing a hymn, you grab a hymnal. Where do you reach for these items? It is called a pew pocket, and it’s found on the back of the pew in front of you. Once a month, someone restocks the envelopes that have been used, removes cards and envelopes people have written on, and sharpens or replaces the pencils as needed. If you want to do an important, low-stress job at church, filling pew pockets may be the fulfilling ministry you’re looking for. If you’re willing to help, reach for your phone and call the church office.


Picture Ministry

When you join the FBCR family, you are asked to smile for the camera! Those involved in the Picture Ministry make sure a picture is taken of each new member. A name and date is written on the picture when it is taken, then the picture is posted on the bulletin board just outside the sanctuary doors. The picture is displayed for about 3 months. After that time, it is taken down and given to Pastor Ken for him to file. Everyone appreciates being called by their first name, instead of “Hey, you!” So stop by the bulletin board on a regular basis so you can put a name and face together for our new members.


Story Ministry

The FBCR Storybook contains testimonial stories submitted by church members to share with others. We know God uses our life experiences to build our character and teach us life lessons. But when we share our stories, He can also use them as a testimony to others of His mercy and grace. Pick up a Story Ministry brochure for writing tips and guidelines. When your story is printed you can remain “anonymous” if you choose. Any editing to your story must meet with your approval before printing. If you don’t like to write, someone can interview you and write your story for you. Don’t delay! Your story can make a difference in someone else’s life. Give God the glory, share your story!


Transportation Ministry

Each year, our church vans are used to transport many people to and from our worship services, and a variety of ministry and mission–related activities held here and abroad. This ministry oversees the condition of the vans. They make sure the van’s maintenance and repairs are completed as needed. Although problems can occur without warning, if at all possible, they want to prevent people from being pulled over on the side of the road due to a broken down church van. If you have van maintenance and repair experience, and you would like to be involved in this important task, please contact the church office.


Van Ministry

Have you ever had to miss church because of a transportation problem? The people involved in the Van Ministry don’t want you to ever miss church because of a lack of transportation. If you need a ride to church on Sunday morning, Sunday evening or Wednesday evening, one time or every time, call the church office and they will contact people involved in this ministry to pick you up. Currently, the van route runs from Flatwoods through Ashland. But regardless of where you live within the surrounding communities, if you need a ride to church, don’t hesitate to call. If you would like to be involved in this ministry by being a van driver or substitute driver, or by helping them expand their ministry by donating money to buy a new van, please call the church office.