Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship

There is within mankind the need to feel part of something. People look in various places to find that connection where they feel people genuinely care. We believe the church should be that place. Bible Fellowship offers a place for fellowship, friends, and faith building Bible study. To make the connection and feel part of the family at FBC, Russell, you need to connect with a Bible Fellowship class. A complete list of classes can be obtained of this site or at our Welcome Center. If we can help you find a connection point, please contact us at 606-836-5111.



Care Leaders

One important part of Bible Fellowship is to minister to its members. Jesus so identified with human hurt that he viewed any act of kindness as a ministry to Him personally. Matthew 25:40 says, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.” For this reason, each adult Bible Fellowship class has at least one Care Leader. “Caring” for class members and visitors involves making a special effort to develop relationships with people by communicating with them in person, and through phone calling, so they will know when anyone has a concern or a need, which the class could meet. Once a need is discovered, the care leader should make suggestions to the class on how they can best minister to that particular person’s situation. Having an active care leader and following-up on ministry opportunities is crucial in developing a successful Bible Fellowship class. If people do not feel like they are loved and accepted by other class members, they will soon stop coming to class. Talk to your teacher if you would like to be a Care Leader and serve Jesus by showing others you care.