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Few things in life are universal, experienced by all people no matter where they live, who they know, or what they have. Unfortunately, suffering is something that is universal to all of us. With our suffering comes questions. Perhaps the most common question is: Why me? In this study, we will look at seven other questions related to pain and suffering. Our goal is not to just walk away with a bunch of simplistic answers, but rather to embrace real hope through the wisdom we find in God’s Word. God is at work! Suffering is certainly not a happy topic, but we’ll see that God will work through our suffering, if we let Him do so. All the answers we seek are wrapped up in God. No one wants to suffer in this life, but we’ll see that God cares and comes alongside us even in our suffering. We’ll see that Jesus Himself suffered beyond anything we can possibly fathom. He understands. He walks with us. So, let’s jump in and ask the hard questions. This study correlates with the fourth letter in our yearlong CENTERED study which is T: Life CENTERED in Jesus Christ gives us strength and hope to travel the path of pain and suffering.
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