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Everybody naturally wants to live well, but what does that look like? And how do we get there? If I choose “Door #1,” how do I know “Door #2” wouldn’t have been the better choice? Life if full of choices. Without knowing the future, it is often difficult to know what the best decision is. What if we make a mistake? 

God wants us to live well. Thankfully, He knows the future. He knows the best way for us to experience abundant life in Christ--and He wants us to know it too! God’s doesn’t hide His will or make it difficult to find. It is readily available to those who want to know and follow Him.

In this study, we will examine what Scripture reveals about how to know God’s will. This study correlates with the second letter in our yearlong CENTERED study which is E: Life CENTERED in Jesus Christ Lives Daily Experiencing God’s Will.

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