2018-2019 ABF Teacher Resources

D - Disciple's Lifestyle - Link to Unit 1 overview

E - Exist to Connect with God - Link to Unit 2 overview

S - Seeing the Full Picture

I - Insolated but Not Isolated

G - God's Ways versus Man's Ways

N - Not Like the World

E - Exercising Faith

D - Deliberately Following God


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► Sermon on DESIGNED from 9/9/2018 by Pastor Ken Gowin & Kevin Floyd: Link to Sermon

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  • November 28th
  • January 9th
  • February 27th

All meetings will be at 6:45 PM in the Room off the Sanctuary.



  • New Members 101 Class - 10.21.2018 - Register on our website.
  • OYB audio link
  • OCC Boxes - Due back on or before 11.11.2018.